Request your life maturity payment

Published 10 March 2023

Only use this form if:

  • Your policy is not a pension or an FMISA
  • You’ve received a letter letting you know that your policy is due to mature soon
  • Your policy maturity date is no more than three months ago
  • You have a UK bank account in your name(s) that the money can be paid into
  • You’re the policyholder, or joint policyholder, where both policyholders live at the same address and have a joint bank account to receive payment

Do not use this form if:

  • The policy is a pension policy
  • The policy is an FMISA product
  • You’re a corporate entity such as a company
  • You don’t have a UK bank account in your name to pay the money into
  • The policy is held in trust, or has been assigned to someone that isn’t the policyholder
  • You took out your current ReAssure policy with Barclays Life
  • You’re a joint policyholder and live at a separate address from the second policyholder

If this form isn’t suitable for your request, please fill out the form we’ve sent to you in the post, or if you haven’t received a form, please contact us through our Help Centre.

Things to consider

We recommend you get independent professional advice from a Financial Adviser if you’re unsure what to do. A Financial Adviser can make a personal recommendation based on your individual circumstances and the options available to you. If you don’t have an adviser visit for further information. You may have to pay for any advice you receive.

What you need to think about first

  • There’s some important information in the letter we sent to you about your policy maturing. You should read the letter carefully and make sure you’re aware of how to keep your money safe, the effects of your payment on any means-tested benefits you may receive and any tax implications should a chargeable event gain occur.
  • If only part of your policy is maturing now, you may still need to pay us premiums on any remainder of your policy after this part ends.

We need this information so that we can make payment. You can find out more about how we use personal information by viewing our full privacy notice.

Our online service is the quickest way to tell us what you need. However, if you’re unable to, you can call or write to us:

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