I want to make a complaint

Published 30 October 2022

We make every effort to get things right first time, but we know that sometimes things can go wrong. If this happens let us know, and we’ll do everything we can to put it right.

What can you expect from us?

We’ll assign a dedicated person to deal with your complaint, who will see your issue through until it’s resolved. When looking into your complaint we will:

  • conduct a fair and thorough investigation into your case;
  • review your case on its own merits; and
  • communicate our decision clearly

Log your complaint online:


Find out more about our complaints procedure, such as how long it should take and how we’ll let you know our decision. Your can also find details of where you can go for help if you’re unhappy with the outcome of our investigation.

Claims Management Companies

You may have noticed a growing number of companies offering to submit complaints to financial institutions on behalf of customers. These firms are known as Claims Management Companies (CMCs), and they make money by taking a fee from any compensation paid. Find out more here.

Complaints data history

We know how important it is that customer issues are resolved as quickly as possible. All financial institutions now publish complaint details to allow you to compare the performance of different companies when dealing with complaints. Download ReAssure's complaints data history here.